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Limnology and Oceanography: Fluids and Environments

L&O:F&E (ISSN 2157-3689) published interdisciplinary papers that relate fluid dynamics and transport properties to biological, chemical, and geological processes that occur in aquatic/ aqueous environments. The journal includes papers covering research in any aspect of limnology and oceanography where advection and/or diffusion or the mechanics of the medium drive biological, chemical, or geological processes from molecular to global scales. Published papers focus on a variety of approaches, including modeling, theory, and empiricism. The journal focused on transport phenomena and their environmental implications, from large-scale currents to organism-induced motions and molecular-level transfers. The interactions of physics with biology, chemistry, or geology, or any combination of these are featured in L&O:F&E papers.

In Memorium

Akira Okubo, (1924 – 1996) – teacher, collaborator, and friend. 

Nominations for Akira Okubo Prize

In cooperation, the Society for Mathematical Biology and the Japanese Association for Mathematical Biology have established the Okubo Prize, in memory of Akira Okubo, the late professor of the State University of New York, who passed away in February, 1996.

                           Akira Okubo Prize

The Akira Okubo Fund was established in memory of Akira Okubo, who made major contributions to many fields, including mathematical ecology and oceanography. He is widely recognized for his scientific work, as well as for his exceptional humanity. The Akira Okubo Prize is awarded to a living scientist for outstanding and innovative theoretical work, for establishing superb conceptual ideas, for solving tough theoretical problems, and/or for uniting theory and data to advance a biological subject. The areas of research are mathematical biology, bio-mathematics, theoretical biology, and biological oceanography. The prize is jointly awarded by the Japanese Association for Mathematical Biology (JAMB) and the Society for Mathematical Biology (SMB).

Rules and nomination procedures for the Akira Okubo Prize are posted on the Okubo Prize Website.

A Revision of Akira Okubo’s Diffusion and Ecological Problems

Diffusion and Ecological Problems: Modern Perspectives

Edited by Akira Okubo and Simon A. Levin
2nd ed. 2001 XX, 467 pp. 114 figs. Hardcover 0-387-98676-6

This substantially expanded and updated version of the classic 1980 book by the late Akira Okubo traces the developments that have flowed from the original work, building on detailed notes he left for revision. The first edition was a comprehensive treatment of the use of diffusion models in ecology that integrated rigorous mathematical theory and substantive applications. Enormous in scope, covering a wide variety of topics and including models of spread, critical patch size, and grouping, it has remained one of the most popular books in mathematical biology and has stimulated extensive research in the two decades since its publication. In this volume, friends and disciples of Okubo incorporate a wide range of results from their own fields that build upon the framework he first established.


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